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NameHostLifetimeCause of Death
PizDora Performance Haswell CSCS, PizDora 2015-05-31 to 2016-05-26 PizDora upgrade from Haswell to Broadwell.
PizDora Regression Haswell CSCS, PizDora 2015-06-19 to 2016-07-04 PizDora upgrade (broken SRUN).
PizDaint Regression SandyBridge CSCS, PizDaint 2015-05-27 to 2016-10-15 PizDaint upgrade from SandyBridge/K20x to Haswell/P100.
Serial valgrind regtest on s03 ETHZ, s03 2014-11-06 to 2017-01-19 Machine s03 too full.
Brisi Regression Broadwell CSCS, Brisi 2016-11-04 to 2016-12-12 Decommission of PizDora intermediate machine.